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4 Meters steel roller track (ESD)

4 Meters steel roller track (ESD)
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  • Electric conductivity (ESD)
  • 157 in (3988mm) length
  • Only in bundle of 96 units

Experience seamless material flow with the R40-RT157 our 4 Meters steel roller track (ESD). Designed specifically for flowracks, this high-performance solution revolutionizes your material handling processes, ensuring maximum efficiency, reducing manual effort and minimizing handling time.

Available in 8-foot (2438 mm) long and 4 meters long our roller tracks provide an efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable solution for material handling applications. By utilizing gravity and minimizing friction, they contribute to increased productivity, improved workflow, and optimized use of space while ensuring a safe working environment. Learn more about gravity racks on page 5 Types of Modular Gravity Flow Racks to Increase Production Line Efficiency.

Every part of the R40-RT157 is ESD, which makes it ideal for building antistatic structures for the transportation of electronics and electrical components.   

Compared to other similar product on the market, this low-cost solution is easy to cut and adapt to your needs.  Unlock the full potential of your operations by reducing manual effort and minimizing handling time with gravity flow racks.

The roller track can be installed with multiple accessories to create different slopes and configurations of flow racks to optimize your workflow. All Flexpipe conveyor R40 accessories are engineered to perfectly fit the R40-RT157.

The Flexpipe roller track and its accessories will work on any 28 mm pipe and joint systems. Some systems don't have the same conveyor size, so be sure to check the spec sheet to see if your old conveyor parts are compatible.

Why long tracks? 

13 feet (4 meters) tracks versus 8 feet (2.44 meters) roller track   

  • Long conveyor assembly line 
  • Long conveyor rack for loading or unloading products 
  • Large project with multiple track and cutting optimization needed. 

Learn more on different accessories' configuration on the How to build modular flow racks page.

Don't know where to begin? Our flow rack starter kit could be really helpful!

Come in solid wood crate only in bundle of 96 units.

Need long track but 96 tracks is too much? 

  • Get the 8-footer roller track (url) 
  • Connect them with the following the mounts:
More Information
Box Quantity97 X 6 X 3 1/2 po ( 2463.8 mm X 152.40 mm X 88.9 mm)
Length157 in (3988 mm)
Height1 3/4 in (43.5 mm)
Width1 9/16 in (40 mm)
Weight (kg/lbs)9.625 lb (4.082 kg)
Box DimensionsPlastic packaging 97 X 6 3/4 X 3 1/4 in ( 2463.8 mm X 171.45 mm X 82.55 mm)
Compatible brandCreform, NIS, C Tek, Fastube
Non Compatible BrandTrilogiq
Primary MaterialCold rolled steel (SPCC)
Secondary MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
Temperature Resistance-4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
Electric Conductivity (ESD)Yes
Loading Capacity20 lb (9 kg) per wheels

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