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White Aluminium Composite 1/8''

48 X 96 X 1/8 inch white aluminum composite sheet
Farnham: 64.93
Los Angeles: 65
Lawrenceville: 22
  • Two aluminum sheets with a sheet of polyethylene in between.

  • Two sided; matte white, and glossy white.

  • Cheaper alternative to HDPE.

  • Specifically great for side walls and shelves on Flexpipe structures

The D-ALUW-481/8 is a one-eights-of-an-inch thick, white aluminum clad sheets. This material is also known as Aluminum Composite and is composed of .008” aluminum on each side with a solid polyethylene core. The layers are bonded together by adhesive. We use this material to create separations, side walls, and shelves on Flexpipe Structures.

The aluminium composite sheets are light and inexpensive. The glossy finish lends a nice, smooth look to Flexpipe structures. This material is relatively easy to cut with a saw. This product comes in sheets of 48 by 96 inches.

Contact your regional sales manager for volume pricing.

More Information
Length96 in (2438.4 mm)
Height1/8 in (3 mm)
Width48 in (1219 mm)
Weight (kg/lbs)25 lb (11.34 kg)
Common UsageSide walls and shelves
Primary MaterialAluminum clad sheets (KomAlu)
Temperature Resistance-58°F to 185°F (-50°C to 85°C)
Electric Conductivity (ESD)No

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Tips from the expert
A protective adhesive sheet covers the KomAlu. Take a 50-inch pipe and attach an L-shaped handle to it with two HJ-1 and two smaller pipes. Uncover the border of the KomAlu and stick the uncovered part of the sheet to the 50-inch pipe. Now you can just turn the handle until the sheet is completely detached. You're welcome!
Tips by François - Flexpipe Assembler