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4 way cross joint set

4 way cross joint set steel bk

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The HJ-3 is a metal connector set that enables the creation of four-pipe intersections or corners. This connector is perfect for structures with a lot of piping around its center. This connector is one of the most frequently used in the Flexpipe joint system.

To create an HJ-3 you need to group two H-2 and one H-4 together with three bolts called M6-25B, and three nuts called M6-N. Because this connector is one of the four most frequently used, you should keep some the parts necessary to make the HJ-3 on hand. This joint will probably compose most of your internal intersections. The HJ-3 is excellent for making corner pegs at 90 degrees. This connector is often used in the center of structures to create strong cantilevers and in the central bottom of structures to fix stamp wheels.

This connector is a little bit trickier to connect than the HJ-1 or HJ-2, but when fixing both H-2 parts together first, you should have an installed HJ-3 connector in no time. The HJ-3 possesses a significant number of striations, namely 14, and three additional reinforcement holes, making it a super strong connector for heavy-duty and cantilever structures

The HJ-3 is compatible with most 28mm pipe and joint system. Considering that the parts composing the HJ-3 are some of the more used in every joint system, this will be very useful if you have a good amount of H-2 and H-4 equivalent hardware in stock. Don't forget to select the HJ-3 ESD version called HJ-3NP for all your antistatic applications. This version was plated with nickel mainly for its antistatic properties, but can be preferred for aesthetic reasons as well.
More Information
Best SellerYes
Units per boxNA
Needed parts2 (H2) + 1 (H4) + 3 (M6-25B) + 3 (M6-N)
External height inches3 1/4 in (83mm)
External width inches5 1/4 in (133mm)
External depth inches1 5/16 in (33mm)
Unit weight pounds0.706 lbs (0.321 kg)
RoHS certificationYes
Frequency of useHigh
Reusable partsYes
Electric conductivity (ESD)No
MaterialHot rolled steel (SPHC)
Steel hardness (HRB)0.65
UV resistanceHigh
System operational temperature-40°F à 122°F (-40°C à 50°C)
Steel treatmentBlack cathodic electrodeposition (Ecoating)
Striations for grip14
Positioning guide12
Additional reinforcement hole3
1- Make sure you have the following parts:
2 H-2
1 H-4
3 M6-25B
3 M6-N
4 28mm pipes of your choice
1 Allen key or one drill equipped with an Allen Key 5mm tip
2-Take two connectors H-2 and a connector H-4 and group them around the P1 pipe. 3-Take three M6-25B bolts and three M6-N nuts and insert them into the corresponding openings. Make sure to put the bolts on the more accessible side. 4- Tighten the M6-25B bolts and nuts M6-N together a few threads beginning by the one which connects the two H-2 together."
5- Insert the P2 and P3 pipes within the HJ-2 between the first and second guides as shown in the plan .
6- Tighten completely the M6-25B bolts and M6-N nuts together until the HJ-2 is attached firmly to the four pipes . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.