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Joints screws

Drilling screws #8 X 5/8"
Farnham: 125339
Los Angeles: 3800
Lawrenceville: 22224
  • Eliminates pre piercing
  • Ideal to reinforce joint sets
  • ESD compatible
  • Sold per box of 100 units

The F-A85/8 is a torx-head self-tapping screw with the added feature of a drill point. No need to pre-pierce with a drill bit.

Use it to attach practically every accessory that is installed on a pipe or a joint set, often used to reinforce joint sets when necessary.

We recommend keeping these in stock at all times, this product comes in a box of 100 units.

Installation Steps:
See the installation steps tab to view how to assemble this screw.

Technical Information:
This screw is fixed using a #2 square head bit.

Sold per box of 100 units.

More Information
Units per box (sold separately)32
Unit weight pounds1.870 lbs (0.850 kg)
Box dimensions inches11 X 9 X 5 in (279mm X 229mm X 127mm)
Compatible pipe systemsFlexpipe, Creform, Fastube
Noncompatible pipe systemsTrilogiq
Electric conductivity (ESD)Yes
  1. Ensure you have the following parts:
    • 1x Joint set of your choice
    • 1x F-A85/8
    • 2x 28mm pipes of your choice 
    • 1x Drill with #2 square head
  2. Align screw with corresponding hole
  3. Use drill to drive screw through, DO NOT overtighten to avoid snapping head off.
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