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Intersection joint

Intersection joint steel black
Farnham: 6939
Los Angeles: 3589
Lawrenceville: 11347
  • Connector used to assemble the HJ-7 joint set
  • Compatible with 28 mm pipes
  • 150 units per box (please order individually)

The H-7 is a black metal single joint used to assemble the HJ-7 joint set. This piece makes it possible to connect two pipes perpendicularly, one above the other. It can also be used to strengthen structures.

We suggest you to always have a box of H-7 in inventory, since it is a piece that will be useful for modifying existing structures. If you would like to keep an inventory of the Flexpipe parts, this video could help you konw the percentage of each parts we suggest to order according to your needs.

Antistatic Version (ESD):
An electric conductivity version if offered if you wish to build antistatic structures: H-7NP

Want to reuse parts of your old system?
The H-7 Flexpipe joint is compatible with many other pipe and connector systems. Check the technical information tab to know which systems are compatible and none-compatible with our parts.

All our joints are sold individually.
To make is easier for you, we indicated the quantity included in a box if you want to order a complete box. However, our order system consider single amount only. Please enter the total amount of joint you wish to receive (example; 150 units = 1 box).

More Information
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Units per box (sold separately)150 units per box
Length inches2 7/8 in (73 mm)
Height inches3/4 in (19 mm)
Width inches1 in (25 mm)
Depth inches1 5/16 in (33mm)
Steel thickness inches1/8 in (2.5mm)
Unit weight pounds0.106 lbs (0.048 kg)
Box dimensions inches11 X 9 X 5 in (280mm X 225mm X 130mm)
Compatible joint systemsCreform, NIS, C Tek Lean Solutions, Trilogiq (28 mm)
Noncompatible joint systemsFastube, Trilogiq (28.6 mm)
Noncompatible joint systemsTrilogiq, Fastube
RoHS certificationYes
Compatible pipe systemsCreform, Fastube, Trilogiq (28 mm), NIS (28 mm), C Tek Lean Solutions (28 mm)
Noncompatible pipe systemsTrilogiq (28.6 mm)
Frequency of useModerate
Electric conductivity (ESD)No
MaterialHot rolled steel (SPHC)
Steel hardness (HRB)68-75 HRB
UV resistanceHigh
System operational temperature-148°F to 572°F (-100°C to 300°C)
Steel treatmentBlack cathodic electrodeposition (Ecoating)
Manufacturing techniqueStamping and deburring
Striations for gripNone
Positioning guideNone
Additional reinforcement holeNone
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