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45⁰ fix angle joint set

45 fix angle joint set steel bk

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  • Compatible with 28 mm pipes
  • Nuts and bolts are included, but packaged separately
  • Assembly is required

The HJ-17 is a black metal joint set that allows you to create a two-pipe intersection with a 45-degree non-adjustable angle. This joint set is used for reinforcing structures. Unlike the HJ-6 / HJ-6A / HJ-14, the HJ-17 has nos adjustable angle. This feature makes it particularly useful for individual reinforcement situations.

To assemble an HJ-17 you need to combine an H-17 and an H-18 together with one M6-25B bolt and one M6-N nut.

Assembly tip:
This joint set is composed of only a few parts, which makes its installation very fast. In addition, this feature helps strengthen the structure, and even helps it to increase the load capacity. For more information on the different ways to increase your structure's loading capacity, read our article How to calculate the loading capacity for modular structures.

Technical Informations:
This joint set is designed with 8 striations for a better grip on the plastic coating of the 28 mm pipes. It also includes 4 additional pre-drilled reinforcement holes to ensure extra strength to your structure. By adding a self-drilling screw F-A85/8, you will solidify the connector joints positioned on a corner where there is a higher risk of impact.

Installation Steps
See the installation steps tab to view how to assemble this connector.

Antistatic Version (ESD):
An electric conductivity version if offered if you wish to build antistatic structures: HJ-17NP

Want to reuse parts of your old system?
The HJ-17 Flexpipe joint set is compatible with many other pipe and connector systems. Check the technical information tab to know which systems are compatible and none-compatible with our parts.

Nuts and bolts are included, but packaged separately. Assembly is required.

More Information
Frequency of UseModerate
Electric Conductivity (ESD)No
Manufacturing TechniqueStamping and deburring
  1. Ensure you have the following parts:
  2. Group the H-17 with the H-18 connector around the first pipe.
  3. Fix the connectors together by placing the bolt with the nut in the corresponding openings, and loosely tighten. Make sure to place the bolts on the most accessible side.
  4. Insert the second pipe in the remaining opening of the connectors, between the first and the second positioning guidelines.
  5. Tighten completely until the HJ-17 joint set is firmly attached to the two pipes.

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