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Pipe mount drop stop

Pipe mount drop stop steel zinc
Farnham: 8252
Los Angeles: 1846
Lawrenceville: 9624
  • Nuts and bolts are included, but packaged separately

  • Assembly is required

The HJ-DS is an all-in-one metal connector used to build sliding pipes. This part works well with the HJ-MS to create sliding pipes for the transportation of boxes, bins, and even surfaces. When assembling a sliding pipe, this part is usually positioned at the end of the slope or at the lowest point of the slope. Unlike the HJ-MS, this connector is a stopper to retain your container in the structure. This is mainly why we use the HJ-DS at the end of the slope.

Like the HJ-MS, this part can be used with an HJ-12 to build a movable arm with a hook at the end of it. This application is sometimes used as a security feature on structures. You just need to secure two F-A85/8 screws to connect this part.

The HJ-DS was previously considered an all-in-one black joint set of the HJ category. Since then, the HJ-DS became an accessory, and we changed its black coating to the ESD nickel-plated treatment. So now you can use it to create sliding pipes on antistatic structures.

Please note that nuts and bolts are included, but packaged separately. Assembly is required.

More Information
Box Quantity60
Frequency of UseVery high
Electric Conductivity (ESD)Yes
Manufacturing TechniqueFolded and welded
1- Make sure you have the following parts:
2 F-A85/8
2 tubes 28mm de votre choix
1 Drill
2- Take the P1 pipe and insert it inside the HJ-DS.
3-Hang the HJ-DS on the P2 pipe.
4. Take two F-A85/8 and fix them in the corresponding openings.

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