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Parallel hinge joint set - DISCONTINUED

Paral. hinge joint set steel bk - DISCONTINUED

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Please, see our regular HJ-23 

More Information
Frequency of UseVery low
Electric Conductivity (ESD)No
1- Make sure you have the following parts:
2 H-19
1 M6-25B
1 M6-N
2 28mm pipes of your choice
1 Allen key or one drill equipped with an Allen Key 5mm tip
2- Take two AP-Hinge and press them on the P1 and P2 pipes until the hinge are fix. 3- Take two connectors H-19 and group them around the both AP-HINGE.
4-Take a M6-25B bolt and a M6-N nut and insert them into the corresponding openings. Make sure to put the bolt on the more accessible side.
5- Tighten completely the M6-25B bolt and M6-N nut together until the HJ-19 attached firmly to hinge . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.

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