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Workstation Light

Workstation LED light 46''
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Lawrenceville: 33
  • Motion sensor
  • Plug-in installation
  • 6000 Lumens LED light
  • 2 Installation options

Illuminate your space with the powerful glow of our Motion-Sensor Workstation LED Light, delivering an impressive 6000 lumens output for versatile and efficient lighting. Here's what sets this lighting solution apart:

Powerful Illumination
Boasting 6000 lumens, our LED light provides brilliant and efficient lighting suitable for a variety of applications.

Two Installation Options
Customize your setup with two convenient installation choices. Use the included bracket for a direct mount to the pipe, or opt for quick installation using the provided chains, allowing you to adapt the lighting to your specific needs.

Adjustable Height with 24-Inch Chain
Tailor the height of your lighting to perfection. The 24-inch chain offers flexibility, enabling you to position the light at the optimal height for your space.

Durable White Acrylic Glass
Experience durability and aesthetic appeal with the white acrylic glass, ensuring not only a long-lasting solution but also a diffused and pleasing quality of light.

Motion-Sensor Technology
Equipped with a 120-degree motion sensor, this workbench LED light detects movement up to 8 feet away. After 5 minutes of no detected motion, the light automatically turns off, promoting energy conservation. For extended illumination, utilize the manual slide switch to keep the light on for longer periods or control it with a wall switch.

Flexible Control Options
Take command of your lighting experience with multiple control options. Leverage the motion sensor for automated lighting or use the manual switch for extended illumination periods. Connect your devices conveniently with the auxiliary 5 amp outlet.

Plug-In Installation
Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the plug-in installation. There's no need for complex wiring—simply plug in and bask in the brilliance of 6000 lumens.

In the realm of industry and manufacturing, the impact of lighting goes far beyond mere brightness. It's a key player in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and well-being of the workforce. Good lighting isn't just about seeing clearly; it's about reducing the chances of accidents and errors, creating an environment where tasks can be carried out with precision. In manufacturing, where accuracy is paramount, proper lighting is the unsung hero that ensures the job gets done right. Importantly, thoughtful lighting choices can influence the mood and alertness of the team, fostering a more enjoyable and productive workspace. Solutions like our Motion-Sensor LED Light with 6000 Lumens aim not only to brighten but also to support the health and performance of individuals in these bustling work settings. As industries progress, recognizing the importance of effective lighting becomes not just a luxury but a fundamental aspect of optimizing operations and creating a safer, more comfortable workplace.

To learn more about lighting ergonomic please visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

More Information
Box Quantity1
Length46 in (1168.4 mm)
Height1.38 in (35.05 mm)
Width5 in (127 mm)
Weight (kg/lbs)2.68 lb (1.215 kg)
Common UsageIlluminate workstation
Primary MaterialAluminium framing

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