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Wire Duct

72'' PVC Wire Duct

In stock

  • 72'' length
  • Cover is included
  • 1/2'' X 1-1/2''

Explore the simplicity and efficiency of our black wire duct with a housing cover, designed to streamline your cable organization effortlessly.

Effortless Cable Organization
Tackle the challenge of cable clutter with our black cable duct. Whether it's monitors, tools, or computer cables, this solution provides a practical way to keep your workspace organized, enhancing day-to-day efficiency.

Seamless Post-Installation Integration
After completing the structural wiring, easily integrate our cable duct for a neat and organized workspace. Its design contributes to the overall aesthetic without requiring a significant overhaul.

Straightforward Installation
No need for technical expertise. With a simple cut using a saw, and the use of FL-COU-U for mounting, the installation process is user-friendly and doesn't demand specialized skills.

Tailored for Your Wiring Needs
Customize the cable duct effortlessly by cutting off the groove with your finger. This adaptability ensures it accommodates various wire group sizes, catering to the unique wiring requirements of your workspace.

Convenient Snap-On Wire Cover
The wire housing cover, featuring a snap-on design, allows easy addition or removal of cables. It also serves as a protective layer, keeping dirt and debris away from your wires.

Durable PVC Construction
Constructed from durable PVC material, our cable duct stands the test of time. Its black finish adds a touch of style, making it a practical and long-lasting addition to your workspace.

Cutting Process
Simply cut the cable duct using a saw for a hassle-free customization process.

FL-COU-U for Installation
For optimal installation, consider using FL-COU-U to secure the wire housing on the exterior of the pipe.



More Information
Length72 in (1828.8 mm)
Height1 19/32 in (40 mm)
Width1 3/4 in (45 mm)
Weight (kg/lbs)1.05 lb (0.476 kg)
Common UsageCable organization
Primary MaterialPVC

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