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Track mount start steel zinc

Track mount start steel zinc
Farnham: 926
Los Angeles: 229
Lawrenceville: 1701
  • Electric conductivity (ESD)
  • Compatible with other 1 1/16 in (28mm) pipe and joint systems

The R85-MS is an ESD steel zinc conveyor mount commonly used at the starting point of roller tracks. This item serves as an anchor between the conveyor and a perpendicular pipe. It is also used when creating L-shape and Z-shape flow racks.

The anchoring section has two little bumps to make sure the support grips the tube firmly. We recommend using an F-A85/8 screw to secure the support on the pipe.

All Flexpipe conveyor R85 accessories are engineered to perfectly fit the R85-RT96

The Flexpipe roller track and its accessories will work on any 28mm pipe and joint systems. Some systems don't have the same conveyor size, so be sure to check the spec sheet to see if your old conveyor parts are compatible.

Learn more on different accessories configuration on the How to build modular flow racks page. Every part of the Flexpipe conveyor system is ESD, allowing you to build antistatic structures for the transportation of electronics and electrical components.

Don't know where to begin? Our flow rack starter kit could be really helpful!

More Information
Box Quantity15
Length3 1/18 in (78 mm)
Height1 5/16 in (33 mm)
Width3 9/16 in (90.6 mm)
Weight0.462 lb (0.20 kg)
Non Compatible BrandTrilogiq
Primary MaterialGalvanised hot rolled steel (SPHC)
Temperature Resistance-148°F to 428°F (-100°C to 220°C)
Electric Conductivity (ESD)Yes
Manufacturing TechniquePressed and deburring
  1. Ensure you have the following parts:
    • 1x R85-MS
    • 1x F-A85/8
    • 1x 28mm pipe
    • 1x R85-RT96
    • 1x Drill
  2. Insert the R85-RT96 inside the R85-MS.
  3. Hang the R85-MS on the pipe perpendicularly.
  4. Screw a F-A85/8 in the corresponding opening through the pipe to fix the R40-MS mount.

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