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4'' Plate Swivel Caster With Brake

4" swivel plate-mount caster with brake
Farnham: 2231
Los Angeles: 1479
Lawrenceville: 1843
  • 4 inches (100 mm) diameter wheel
  • 250 pounds (113 kg) loading capacity
  • 5 km/h maximum speed

4 inches swivel plate caster with lock brake and a loading capacity of 285 pounds (68 kg) and a maximum speed of 5 km/h. Ensure you have two WF-UP, two WF-LOW, four M8-35B, and four M8-N to fix the caster on your structure. See the Installation Steps tab for more information on how to install W-4PSB casters.

4 inches casters are made for:

  • Longer trips (100 feet maximum)
  • Higher frequency trips (100 to 150 times a day)
  • Carts weighting more than 400 pounds
  • Larger carts (greater than 24 in. wide and 48 in. long)

For heavy duty uses, we recommend considering the W-6PSB caster.

All casters are equipped with a precision ball bearing.

For carts that will go outside, roll on ramps or damaged floors, it's preferable to use 6 inches casters.

More Information
Units per box (sold separately)40
Unit weight pounds1.9 lbs (0.855 kg)
Box dimensions inchesL18 X W11 X H12 in (L460 X W280 X H300 mm)
Wheel diameter inches4 in (100 mm)
Total height inches5 1/8 in (130 mm)
Tread width inches1 1/8 in (28 mm)
RoHS certificationYes
Recommend surfacesAsphalt, pavement, ceramic, carpet, flat steel, stone, wood, brick, linoleum, granit
Surfaces markingNone
Electric conductivity (ESD)No
Corrosion resistanceGood
System operational temperature-22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
Loading capacity250 lbs (113 Kg)
Bearing typePrecision ball bearing
Wheel materialThermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
Tread hardness70A
Wheel finishMatte
Brake typePedal brake
Wheel typeRigid
Radius4 in (100 mm)
Maximum speed5 km/h
Oil resistanceGood
  1. Ensure you have the following parts:
    • 1x W-4PSB
    • 2x WF-UP
    • 2x WF-LOW
    • 4x M8-35B
    • 4x M8-N
    • 2x 28mm pipes of your choice
    • 1x Wrench
    • 1x Ratchet
  2. Ensure that the structure is leveled when supported by the pipes that will be wheeled. Otherwise, the height difference might cause the structure to sway.
  3. Flip the structure for better access to the bottom pipes.
  4. Ensure the pipes are parallel and have 3 1/4 in of center spacing.
  5. Place the two WF-LOW perpendicular on the pipes.
  6. Place the caster on both WF-LOW and align the openings.
  7. Take one WF-UP and regroup it with one of the WF-LOW.
  8. Take two M8-35B bolts and two M8-N nuts and insert them into the corresponding openings. Then lightly tighten them together.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other WF-UP and the bolts and the nuts remaining.
  10. Tighten completely the four M8-35B bolts and the four M8-N nuts in a cross pattern.
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