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Track connector

Track connector steel zinc
Farnham: 816
Los Angeles: 1152
Lawrenceville: 820
  • Electric conductivity (ESD)
  • Connect rails one after another up to 16 feet length
  • Compatible with other 1 1/16 in (28mm) pipe and joint systems

The R40-TC is an ESD metal track connector to make conveyor extensions. You can use this part to extend an 8-foot track up to 16 feet. However, we don't recommend to use this product multiple times to connect more than two rails. If you require creating bigger flow rack, it's preferable to use the R40-TU.

According to the lean principles, building multiple smaller flow racks will be much more efficient than a single giant flow rack.

See the Installation Steps tab for more information on how to install this conveyor accessory.

All Flexpipe conveyor R40 accessories are engineered to perfectly fit the R40-RT96.

The Flexpipe roller track and its accessories will work on any 28mm pipe and joint systems. Some systems don't have the same conveyor size, so be sure to check the spec sheet to see if your old conveyor parts are compatible.

Learn more on different accessories configuration on the How to build modular flow racks page. Every part of the Flexpipe conveyor system is ESD, allowing you to build antistatic structures for the transportation of electronics and electrical components.

Don't know where to begin? Our flow rack starter kit could be really helpful!

More Information
Box Quantity40
Length4 3/4 in (120 mm)
Height1 5/8 in (41 mm)
Width1 5/8 in (41 mm)
Weight0.341 lb (0.155 kg)
Box DimensionsCardboard box of 11 X 9 X 5 in (279 mm X 229 mm X 127 mm)
Compatible brandCreform, NIS, C Tek, Fastube
Non Compatible BrandTrilogiq
Primary MaterialGalvanised hot rolled steel (SPHC)
Temperature Resistance-148°F to 428°F (-100°C to 220°C)
Electric Conductivity (ESD)Yes
Manufacturing TechniquePressed and deburring
  1. Ensure you have the following parts:
  2. Insert the first R40-RT96 half way into the R40-TC.
  3. Insert the second R40-RT96 into the empty half of the R40-TC.
  4. Fasten the 4 self-tapping screw into the R40-TC to secure it will not moving on the R40-RT96

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