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Flat pipe connector

Flat pipe black connector
Farnham: 2453
Los Angeles: 2150
Lawrenceville: 1435
  • Use only with the Flat pipe
  • Compatible with 28 mm pipes
  • Strongest support for the FP-96-BK

The H-20 is a black metal single joint used to assemble the HJ-20 joint sets.

All our joints are sold individually.
To make is easier for you, we indicated the quantity included in a box if you want to order a complete box. However, our order system consider single amount only. Please enter the total amount of joint you wish to receive (example; 150 units = 1 box).

The H-20 can only be used with the H-1 and the FP-96-BK

More Information
Units per package (sold separately)1
Units per box (sold separately)150
Compatible joint systemsCreform, NIS, C Tek, Fastube
Noncompatible joint systemsTrilogiq
Compatible pipe systemsCreform, NIS, C Tek, Fastube
Noncompatible pipe systemsTrilogiq
Electric conductivity (ESD)no
Structural capacity before permanent deflectionNA
Steel hardness (HRB)68-75 HRB
UV resistanceHigh
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