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Utility knife blades

Pack of 10 replacements blades for Kaizen foam knife
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  • Ideal for cutting Kaizen foam edges
  • Fits only the TK-UKNIFE
  • 10-pack of replacement blades

Complete your toolbox with this set of 10 Utility Knife Blades TK-UBLADES, designed to tackle various tasks with ease. Perfect for cutting through Kaizen foam, white aluminum composite D-ALUW-481/8, or simply opening boxes.

As a must-have in your collection of 5S supplies, kaizen supplies, and lean manufacturing essentials, these blades perfectly fit our TK-UKNIFE Utility Knife, ensuring precision and control in every cut.

The blades are segmented along their length, allowing you to snap off a used or dulled section of the blade to reveal a new, sharp cutting edge. It's a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain a sharp cutting edge without the need to constantly replace the entire blade.

Even though the blades can easily be detached, they can also be sharpened, making them a durable and long-lasting cutting solution.

With a blade length that opens up to 3-1/8 inches in the Utility Knife, you'll have the flexibility to handle a wide range of projects.

Please note that the blades only fit the Utility knife TK-UKNIFE.

More Information
Length inches4"
Height inches0.375"
Width inches0.5"
Loading capacity55lbs (24.94kg)
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