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Thin blade knife

Thin blade knife for Kaizen foam contours
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  • Ideal for cutting small objects contours
  • Easy to get a specific foam depth
  • Retractable self-locking blade
  • Comfortable and rubberized grip

The thin blade utility knife TK-TKNIFE features a comfortable rubber grip that guarantees a slip-free experience, making it the perfect tool for cutting Kaizen foam contours comfortably.

With a special casing engineered for thin blade rigidity, this knife enables you to precisely control the exact foam depth, whether you need to cut shallow or deep. Ideal for cutting tight spaces, tool contours, and corners with accuracy, leaving your workspace looking immaculate.

Safety is a priority, and our utility knife features a retractable self-locking blade, giving you peace of mind during usage.

Ergonomically designed with a rubberized grip, the TK-TKNIFE offers great comfort, reducing hand fatigue and enabling you to tackle your projects with ease.

Showcase the value of quality workmanship and make your employees proud of their worlspace and tool organization with the Kaizen foam thin utility knife.

More Information
Box Quantity1
Weight2.25 lb (1.02 kg)
Common UsageCutting small objects contours

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