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Foam knife sled

Kaizen foam knife sled
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  • Ideal for large cutouts
  • Allows you to obtain straight and precise lines

Tired of struggling to achieve clean and straight cuts with a utility knife? Look no further than our Kaizen Foam Knife Sled, the ultimate solution for precise perpendicular cuts.

Designed to securely hold the utility knife TK-UKNIFE, this sled ensures optimal control and stability while cutting through black Kaizen foam. Say goodbye to jagged edges and uneven lines!

To achieve flawless results, simply extend the utility knife blade to match the thickness of the foam, then pull the tool slowly along the sled. The utility knife TK-UKNIFE fits snugly in the sled, allowing smooth movements in and out.

For precise measurements and straight lines, use a ruler and marker to trace your desired cut path. With the Kaizen Foam Knife Sled, achieving a clean, professional cut has never been easier.

Not only is this sled perfect for 5S tool organization cut-outs, but it also caters to various applications in 5S supplies, Kaizen supplies, and lean manufacturing supplies. Enhance your workspace efficiency and organization effortlessly!

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Box Quantity1
Weight2 lb (0.907 kg)
Common UsageAllows you to obtain straight and precise lines

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