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Foam scraper

Kaizen foam scraper
Farnham: 12
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Lawrenceville: 8
  • Flatten cut out bottom
  • Ideal for tackling bigger foam cutouts

Enhance your Kaizen projects with the Kaizen Foam Scraper, a valuable addition to your 5S supplies, Kaizen supplies, and lean manufacturing essentials, the Kaizen Foam Scraper ensures that your tool organization cut-outs are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Similar to a kitchen zester, this manual tool smooths out uneven foam layers and flattens the bottom of your cut out, giving your creations a polished and professional look.

Safety is paramount, and our scraper provides a secure alternative to torches or hot knives. Empower end-users to take charge of their 5S Kaizen foam projects, facilitating easy usage and promoting sustainability.

Designed for efficiency, the scraper is ideal for tackling larger areas, while the spinner excels in tight spaces, ensuring a flat and even bottom.

The combination of the scraper and spinners creates a seamless 5S tool organization environment, leaving employees proud of their workspace and more motivated to maintain it.

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Box Quantity1
Weight2 lb (0.907 kg)
Common UsageFlatten cut out bottom

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