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Motor driven lift kit 300 mm lift / 1320lbs

Motor driven lift kit

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  • The system is operated by means of an internal spindle drive driven by an electric motor. The maximum loading capacity is 1320lb (598 kgs) and the adjustment range is up to 11.8'' (300 mm).
  • Using the lift kit you can retrofit your work table that previously could not be adjusted in height with just a few steps, thus making it height-adjustable. This "Bolt-On" lift system is easy to install.
  • OCT. 2021 PRODUCT UPDATE: Parts added to fix the legs on the pipes and the crank on a surface.

The Bolt-On system is delivered as a kit for retrofitting. You can retrofit your work table that previously could not be adjusted in height with just a few steps, thus making it height-adjustable. System includes:

  • Control box, and manual control switch
  • Four "Bolt-On" lift columns
  • Four 3m (9 ft.) sections of flexible tubing
  • Four glides
  • Drilling templates, tubing clips, and cable ties
  • Installation and operating instructions

They are ideally suited for cleanroom applications in medical technology, aerospace, biomedical and electronics manufacturing. Passed the Cleanroom Class 3 according to ISO Class 14644-1.

The maximum loading capacity is 1320 lb (598 kg) and the adjustment range is up to 11.8" (300 mm).


Reset Weight
Spindle lifting system lifts and retracts load with the help of a motor. No restoring force is required.

Load distribution
The lifting systems are designed for loads that are unevenly distributed on the working surface. The maximum load on the working surface may not exceed the system's rated lifting capacity. The maximum load per cylinder may not exceed the rated lifting capacity divided by the number of cylinders x 1.5.

Work cycle
The lifting systems are designed for a work cycle of 10%. This means that nine minutes of resting time is provided per minute of operating time. These adjustable systems are not designed for continuous operation.

Operating temperature
Lifting systems work best at operating temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.

Tube length
Specific lengths are specified for all standard lifting systems (see the drawing by clicking on the main picture) Individual hose lengths can be ordered at the customer's request within the permissible range. A ratio of tube lengths of 1:3 should be maintained. (Minimum hose length 0.5 m - maximum hose length 5 m).

Bending radius
The hydraulic lines to connect the pump to the lifting cylinders are to be laid so that the bending radius of the hoses is not less than 50 mm.

Durability test
The lifting systems are tested regularly to ensure the flawless functioning of the system over at least 10,000 complete up / down cycles.

Download here the complete manual and assembly instructions

Contact your regional sales manager for volume pricing.

Height adjustment speed

More Information
Box Quantity1
Common UsageAdjustable bench, ergonomic workstation, adjustable flow rack
Frequency of UseTested for 10 000 complete up/down cycles
Loading Capacity1320 lbs (598 kg)

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