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Foam Spinner

Kaizen foam spinner set
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  • Allows you to flatten the bottom of your cutouts
  • Ideal for smaller shapes
  • Set of 2 spinner sizes
  • Click into drill or impact gun

The Kaizen Foam Spinners are specially designed to flatten the cutouts in Kaizen foam, giving your projects a professional finish like never before.

Easy to use, simply click it into any impact gun or drill to save time and effort.

Two versatile sizes are included - 1-1/4'' and ¾'' - the Kaizen Foam Spinner which allows you to work on both small and large cutouts with precision and ease.

While the scraper is ideal for larger areas, the spinner excels in tight spaces, ensuring every corner is meticulously flat.

Combining the scraper and spinner creates a harmonious 5S tool organization environment, inspiring employees to take pride in their workspace and sustain its impeccable organization.

More Information
Box Quantity1
Weight (kg/lbs)0.1 lb (0.045 kg)
Common UsageAllows you to flatten the bottom of your cutouts

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