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Contains all the tubes, connectors, casters, and accessories needed to build from 6 to 10 modular structures according to your needs. Includes an Ultimate Starter Box with tips and tools for a successful start.




  • Best way to ease your team into using this equipment - parts and plans in 1 package
  • No more headaches of making sure that you have all the necessary parts
  • Can build from 6 to 10 sizeable structures with the parts included
  • Enclosed plans let you start building right away
  • No unnecessary leftover units


  • Ability to choose tube color

What’s included

  • Most frequently used parts to build the structures, in sufficient quantity and ratio count
  • The Ultimate Starter Box
  • Half-day training with Project Manager on-site assistance (basic structure design and assembly)
  • 2 free-custom design for your applications (cut list and bom)
  • Information on the length tubes should be cut

You will need

  • Tool to cut your pipe to the desired length. If you don't have any saw at your facility, we recommend the following cheap tool to start: T-CUTTER
  • For more information on which tools we recommend to build your project, read our blog articles Top 4 tools for cutting and Top 5 tools for assembling

Structures examples are for inspiration purpose only. Some parts may not be included in this kit and does not include precut parts.

Do you need to add a surface to your structure? See  Deckings

Customize KIT-XXL
Stainless 8' pipe (ESD)  
8' Steel roller track (ESD)  
Track mount start  
Track union  
Track mount drop stop  
Track connector  
8' lateral roller guide  
8' straight roller guide  
Standard tee joint  
Inner corner joint  
Outer corner joint  
Cross junction joint  
Pivot point joint  
Pivot extension joint  
Intersection joint  
Flat anchor joint  
Tee hinge joint  
Parallel joint  
Upper clamp joint  
Lower clamp joint  
45 angle A joint  
45 angle B joint  
Double pipe single hinge joint steel black  
Round joint  
Pipe mount start  
Pipe mount drop stop  
End cap  
Hinge bracket  
Adjustable inner foot  
Adjustable outer foot  
Stanchion mount  
Shim for surfaces levelling  
Pipe clamp single mount  
Pipe clamp double mount  
Corner bracket  
Embed pipe support  
Pipe rest  
Quick release latch  
Tool holder  
14" pair of drawer slides  
24'' pair drawer slides steel zinc  
Slides bracket  
White HDPE plastic 1/2''  
White HDPE plastic 1/4''  
Bolt for joint sets  
Nut for joint sets  
Bolt for HJ-15 set  
Upper bracket for caster  
Lower bracket for caster  
Extended bracket for 6" caster  
Bolt for 4" caster  
Bolt for 6" caster  
Lock nut for caster  
3'' Stem Swivel Caster With Brake  
4'' Swivel Caster Brake Stem  
4'' Stem Rigid Caster  
4'' Plate Swivel Caster With Brake  
4'' Plate Rigid Caster  
6'' Plate Swivel Caster With Brake  
6'' Plate Rigid Caster  
Joints screws  
Decking screws  
Accessories screws  

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Weight1722.08 lb (781.122 kg)
Box DimensionsPlywood box of 49 X 98 X 35 in (1219 mm X 2489 mm X 889 mm)

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