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Black ethafoam 1'' 4' x 9' x 1''

Ethafoam black 48'' x 108'' x 1''
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  • Available in Canada only

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Laminated polyethylene foam sheet full of air. It is an abrasive foam, so it may scratch your fragile pieces. It has a low density of 2lb/f3 (32.4 kg/m3). It is ideally suited as a component material in products requiring a shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulating with anti-static properties, and as a material for cushioning components in packaging applications for loadings. It's possible to overlay the Ethafoam, unlike the Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam. It is also reusable and recyclable because it is made of non-crosslinked polyethylene. 

Polyethylene foam is :

  • durable, 
  • lightweight, 
  • flexible,
  • resilient 



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More Information
Length108 in (2743 mm)
Height1 in (25 mm)
Width48 in (1219 mm)
Weight7.27 lb (3.3 kg)
Common UsageCushioning components in packaging
Primary MaterialLaminated polyethylene foam
Manufacturing TechniqueExtrusion process

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