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5x blades for deburring tool

5x blades for deburring tool
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The T-BDEB is a set of 5 blades for the T-DEBURR tool. If you are deburring a lot of surfaces or planning to do so with the T-DEBURR, you will need to change the blade from time to time. This is why we offer spare blades. These long blades are made from sharp metal. They will trim excess plastic or other materials fairly easily.

The T-BDEB blade works best with plastic and wood materials. We don't recommend using these blades for deburring metal sheets or hard material. Using the T-DEBURR with these blades is a no-brainer when you want to obtain a clean and nice look for your Flexpipe structures.

Always be careful when using this tool and use proper techniques for deburring surfaces. The T-BDEB blades are sharp and can cause injuries if not used safely.
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Box Quantity1
Weight (kg/lbs)0.044 lb (0.02 kg)
Common UsageBlades for the T-DEBURR tool

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