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Track mount drop stop

Track mount drop stop steel zinc
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The R40-DS is a metal mount with a 1 1/4 in drop stop for the end of conveyor tracks. We recommend that you use this part when you need to stop heavy containers. This mount will always cause your track to be on an angle, even if the pipes are parallel to the track, so keep this in mind when planning your design.

The 2-inch drop of the R40-DS is intended to stop the heaviest box. However, if you are using lightweight boxes or bins and you don't have an angle that creates too much acceleration, we recommend that you check the R40-TS product page to see your options.

The R40-DS is a galvanized product and answers all ESD criteria. This mount works on 28mm pipe and is made to fit the Flexpipe conveyor size.
More Information
Best SellerYes
Units per box25
Height inches2 3/4 in (70mm)
Width inches1 5/8 in (41mm)
Depth inches3 5/16 in (84mm)
Unit weight pounds0.402 lbs (0.183 kg)
Box dimensions inches11 X 9 X 5 in (279mm X 229mm X 127mm)
Compatible conveyor systemsFlexpipe, Creform, NIS
None compatible conveyor systemsTrilogiq, Fastube
Compatible pipe systemsFlexpipe, Creform, Fastube
None compatible pipe systemsTrilogiq
Electric conductivity (ESD)Yes
MaterialHot rolled steel (SPHC)
Steel hardness (HRB)0.65
System operational temperature-40°F à 122°F (-40°C à 50°C)
Steel treatmentGalvanize
Manufacturing techniquePressed and deburring
1- Make sure you have the following parts:
1 R40-DS
1 F-A85/8
1 28mm pipes of your choice
1 R40-RT96 Conveyor
1 Drill
2- Take the R40-RT96 conveyor and insert it inside the R40-DS.
3-Hang the R40-DS on the P1 pipe.
4. Take a F-A85/8 screw and screw it into the corresponding opening.
Tips from the expert
Jonathan Home
Here is a good rule of thumb for the R40-DS. If you need to double your pipe to reinforce a structure, you probably need to put a drop stop instead of the tab stop R40-TS.
Tips by Jonathan Home - Industrial Designer