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The H-3NP is a anti-static metal single joint needed in the creation of the HJ-2NP joint set. The H-3NP composes the outer part of one of the most used joints in the Flexpipe system. We recommend that you keep a good amount of this product in your inventory, since the HJ-2NP connector is used in the majority of structures.

The H-3NP has six internal striations for optimal grip on the pipe's coating. This part is also pre-drilled with three holes for the reinforcement of heavy-duty structures.

The Flexpipe H-3NP is compatible with the H-3NP equivalent of most connector systems available.
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Units per box (sold separately)60
Height inches3 1/4 in (83mm)
Width inches5 1/4 in (133mm)
Depth inches1 5/16 in (33mm)
Unit weight pounds0.264 lbs (0.120 kg)
Box dimensions inches11 X 9 X 5 in (279mm X 229mm X 127mm)
Compatible joint systemsFlexpipe, Creform
Noncompatible joint systemsTrilogiq, Fastube
Noncompatible joint systemsTrilogiq, Fastube
RoHS certificationYes
Compatible pipe systemsFlexpipe, Creform, Fastube
Noncompatible pipe systemsTrilogiq
Frequency of useVery high
Electric conductivity (ESD)Yes
MaterialHot rolled steel (SPHC)
Steel hardness (HRB)0.65
UV resistanceHigh
System operational temperature-40°F à 122°F (-40°C à 50°C)
Steel treatmentNickel electroplating
Manufacturing techniquePressed and deburring
Striations for grip6
Positioning guide4
Additional reinforcement hole3
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