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Bolt for HJ-15NP set

Bolt for HJ-15 set white zinc
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The M6-12BWZ is a metal bolt with a black coating that is used to assemble the HJ-15NP joint. The M6-12BWZ should not be confused with the longer bolt in the Flexpipe system called M6-25BWZ. If you are looking to connect other joints than the HJ-15NP, be sure to check out the M6-25BWZ product page. The M6-12BWZ's only purpose is to create an HJ-15NP connector.

To assemble an HJ-15NP joint, you need to connect one H-15NP and one H-16NP with one M6-NWZ nut and one M6-12BWZ bolt. This product was designed shorter than its more popular counterpart to fit this joint. We do not recommend that you use this part with the M6-NWZ nut to connect anything else than the HJ-15NP.

This bolt will not be used frequently in building Flexpipe structures. Be sure to double-check the amount of M6-12BWZ when you need them as some people often confuse them with the M6-25BWZ.
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Units per box2000
Unit weight pounds0.011 lbs (0.005 kg)
Box dimensions inches11 X 9 X 5 in (279mm X 229mm X 127mm)
Compatible pipe systemsFlexpipe, Creform, Fastube
None compatible pipe systemsTrilogiq
Electric conductivity (ESD)Yes
Steel hardness (HRB)0.45
System operational temperature-40°F à 122°F (-40°C à 50°C)
Steel treatmentNickel electroplating