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Training starter kit

A general starter kit with training

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A trainer will come to your facility for 2 days to assemble and design with your team the first few structures. This starter kit contains all the tubes, connectors, wheels, and screws needed to build up to 4 or 5 structures. The structures you build will be adjustable, portable, and adaptable.   

Please see description below for the complete list of parts. It is possible to modify this list according to your needs. 


  • Best way to ease your team into using this equipment - parts and plans in 1 package
  • No more headaches of making sure that you have all the necessary parts
  • Can build 4 or 5 sizeable structures with the parts included
  • Enclosed plans let you start building right away
  • No unnecessary leftover units


  • Tube colour
  • Customized changes to parts list

What’s included

  • Most frequently used parts to build the structures, in sufficient quantity and ratio count
  • Up to 7 plans of structures
  • Project manager assistance to design the structures
  • Draftsperson can create two 3D plans for you
  • Updated parts list (if applicable)
  • Information on the length tubes should be cut
48 x P-96-BL
Pipes8 feet steel pipe
450 x H-1
JointStandard tee 90°
150 x H-2
JointInner 90° corner
120 x H-3
JointOuter 90° corner
60 x H-4
Joint90° junction
40 x H-5
JointStationary pivot point
40 x H-6
JointPivot extension
40 x H-7
Joint90° superimpose
40 x H-90
Joint90° Elbow
10 x AP-ICAP
AccessoriesPlastic end cap
12 x AF-ILEV
AccessoriesAjustable steel foot
AccessoriesCorner bracket for urface
230 x AO-SHIM
AccessoriesShim for surfaces leveling
14 x AL-TAG1
Accessories1" X 8" plastic label holder
14 x AL-TAG2
Accessories2" X 4" plastic label holder
1000 x M6-25B
FastenersBolt for joint sets
1000 x M6-N
FastenersNut for joint sets
16 x WF-UP
FastenersUpper bracket for caster
16 x WF-LOW
FastenersLower bracket for caster
32 x M8-40B
FastenersBolt for casters installation
32 x M8-N
FastenersNut for caster instalation
4 x W-3ESB
Casters3" swivel stem-mount caster
2 x W-4ESB
Casters4" swivel stem-mount caster
2 x W-4EF
Casters4" rigid stem-mount caster
4 x W-4PSB
Casters4" swivel plate-mount caster
4 x W-4PF
Casters4" rigid plate-mount caster
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Unit weight pounds992.1 lbs ( 450 Kg)
Box dimensions inches48 X 98 in (1219mm X 2489mm)