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Double pivot joint set

Double pivot joint set steel bk

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The HJ-14 is a metal connector that lets you make a three-pipe intersection with two adjustable angles. This joint mirrors the applications of the HJ-6 connector. These angle joints let you have multiple applications like bracing, hinging, pegging, deportation, and much more. Each side pipe can rotate up to 175 degrees.

The main advantage of the HJ-14 over the HJ-6 is that your two pipes will start from the same point and will have the same structural and esthetic effect. Without the HJ-14 you would be forced to place two HJ-6 one under another. Doing so would take up double the space of the HJ-14 and would create different dynamics in the structural capacity of your structures. To assemble an HJ-14, you need to place two H-14 together and two pairs of H-6 together, connecting them to the H-14 with a total of four M6-25B bolts and four M6-N nuts.

Unlike the HJ-6, this connector doesn't have an ESD version yet. So if you are planning on making antistatic structures, we recommend that you take a look at its single-angle counterpart.
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Best SellerNo
Units per boxNA
Needed parts4 (H6) + 2 (H14) + 4 (M6-25B) + 4 (M6-N)
External height inches1 5/16 in (33mm)
External width inches1 13/16 in (46mm)
External depth inches1 5/16 in (33mm)
Unit weight pounds0.845 lbs (0.384 kg)
RoHS certificationYes
Frequency of useVery low
Reusable partsYes
range of motion2 X 180°
Electric conductivity (ESD)No
MaterialHot rolled steel (SPHC)
Steel hardness (HRB)0.65
UV resistanceHigh
System operational temperature-40°F à 122°F (-40°C à 50°C)
Steel treatmentBlack cathodic electrodeposition (Ecoating)
Striations for grip8
1- Make sure you have the following parts:
4 H-6
2 H-14
4 M6-25B
4 M6-N
3 3 28mm pipes of your choice
1 Allen key or one drill equipped with an Allen Key 5mm tip
2- Take two connectors H-6 and regroup them around the pipe P2.
3-Take a M6-25B bolt and a M6-N nut and insert them into the openings near the pipe P2. Make sure to put the bolt on the more accessible side.
4 - Tighten completely the M6-25B bolt and M6-N nut together until the H-6 connectors attached firmly to the P2 pipe . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.
5- Repeat step two, three and four with two other connectors H-6 and the P3 pipe. 2- Take a connector H-14 and fix it in the desired location on the P1 pipe.
5- Align the remaining openings of H-6 connectors with the H-14 ones.
6-Take two M6-25B bolts and two M6-N nuts and insert them into the openings mention in step 7. Make sure to put the bolt on the more accessible side.
8- Tighten completely the M6-25B bolts and M6-N nuts together until the HJ-6=14 attached firmly to all pipes . A force of 9.8 Nm is recommended for this step.