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Foam crosslink gris 1/8''

Foam crosslink gris 4 lbs autocollant 48'' x 96'' x 1/8''
145,00 CDN$
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Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam (XLPE) with pressure sensitive adhesive tape (PSA), is a flexible closed-cell type of polyethylene foam. 

Product specifications:

  • High-density indicator (4 lbs)
  • Non-abrasive
  • Cushioning
  • Durability, puncture-resistant
  • Impact, shock and vibration absorption
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Sound absorption
  •  Bacteria, chemical, grease, mold, oil, and solvent-resistant 
  • Easy to cut with an exacto knife
  • Anti-slip
  • Non-dusting and easy to clean
The cross-linked foam is made to be stick on HDPE surfaces. Always prepare the surface beforehand.

Plus d’information
Meilleur VendeurNon
Longeur en pouces96 ''
Hauteur extérieur en pouces1/8 ''
Largeur extérieur en pouces48 ''
Poids unitaire en livres4 lbs (1.814 kg)
RéutilisableNo, if glued
Conductivité électrique (ESD)No
CompositionPolyethylene Foam