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Q5 General starter kit

Q5 General starter kit

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This starter kit contains all the tubes, connectors, wheels, and screws needed to build up to 4 or 5 structures. The structures you build will be adjustable, portable, and adaptable.   

Please see description below for the complete list of parts. 


  • Best way to ease your team into using this equipment - parts and plans in 1 package
  • No more headaches of making sure that you have all the necessary parts
  • Can build 4 or 5 sizeable structures with the parts included
  • Enclosed plans let you start building right away
  • No unnecessary leftover units


  • Tube colour
  • Customized changes to parts list

What’s included

  • Most frequently used parts to build the structures, in sufficient quantity and ratio count
  • Up to 7 plans of structures
  • Project manager assistance to design the structures
  • Draftsperson can create two 3D plans for you
  • Updated parts list (if applicable)
  • Information on the length tubes should be cut
48 x P-96-BL
Pipes8 feet steel pipe
450 x H-1
JointStandard tee 90°
150 x H-2
JointInner 90° corner
120 x H-3
JointOuter 90° corner
60 x H-4
Joint90° junction
40 x H-5
JointStationary pivot point
40 x H-6
JointPivot extension
40 x H-7
Joint90° superimpose
40 x H-90
Joint90° Elbow
10 x AP-ICAP
AccessoriesPlastic end cap
12 x AF-ILEV
AccessoriesAjustable steel foot
AccessoriesCorner bracket for urface
230 x AO-SHIM
AccessoriesShim for surfaces leveling
14 x AL-TAG1
Accessories1" X 8" plastic label holder
14 x AL-TAG2
Accessories2" X 4" plastic label holder
1000 x M6-25B
FastenersBolt for joint sets
1000 x M6-N
FastenersNut for joint sets
16 x WF-UP
FastenersUpper bracket for caster
16 x WF-LOW
FastenersLower bracket for caster
32 x M8-40B
FastenersBolt for casters installation
32 x M8-N
FastenersNut for caster instalation
4 x W-3ESB
Casters3" swivel stem-mount caster
2 x W-4ESB
Casters4" swivel stem-mount caster
2 x W-4EF
Casters4" rigid stem-mount caster
4 x W-4PSB
Casters4" swivel plate-mount caster
4 x W-4PF
Casters4" rigid plate-mount caster
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Units per box1
Unit weight pounds992.1 lbs ( 450 Kg)
Box dimensions inches48 X 98 in (1219mm X 2489mm)