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Hand deburring tool

Hand deburring tool
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The T-DEBURR is a hand deburring tool for surfaces. This tool is composed of two parts, namely an ergonomic handle that can store multiple blades and the blades themselves. To add replacement blades, please check out the T-BDED product page.

The T-DEBURR is one of our favorite tools at Flexpipe to create smooth and aesthetically pleasing surfaces for your structures. You can also use this tool to deburr the outer edges of the pipe. However, we recommend you take a look at the T-REAMER for that particular application.

Always be careful using this tool and use proper techniques for deburring surfaces. The blades for the T-DEBURR are sharp and can cause injuries if not used safely.

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Weight0.099 lb (0.045 kg)
Common UsageHand deburring tool for surfaces

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