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White HDPE plastic 1/2''

White HDPE plastic 4X8X1/2''
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The D-HDPEW-481/2 is a white high-density polyethylene surface that a half inch thick. This surface has the abbreviation HDPE. This material is often related to Teflon. We use this product to create most Flexpipe structures with surfaces, containers, and drawers. We also use these to build other things like side walls. However, we recommend you consider other surfaces like the D-ALUW-481/8 or the thinner version of HDPE to keep from adding too much weight to your structures.

The HDPE is a slippery and rigid material. The high density of this product makes it shatterproof. If you put pressure on this surface, it will eventually bend, and the pressured area will be cut from the sheet. However, this is unlikely when using this product as you would with the Flexpipe System. This surface is easily cut with a decent saw.

The D-HDPEW-481/2 is available in a thinner version of one-quarter inch called D-HPPEW-481/4. Be sure to check this version and our tips on how to save money when creating a working surface with HDPE.
More Information
Best SellerNo
Units per box30
Height inches96 in (2438 mm)
Width inches48 in (1219mm)
Depth inches1/2 in (13mm)
Unit weight pounds80.000 lbs (36.364 kg)
Electric conductivity (ESD)No
MaterialHigh density polyethylene (HDPE)
System operational temperature-58°F à 185°F (-50°C à 85°C)
Tips from the expert
Sylvain Lejour
If you want to save money when making a great many structures with working surfaces, here's our trick. Buy the D-HDPEW-481/4 which is thinner and less expensive than its counterpart and fix it on three-quarter inch plywood with some countersunk screws. This is less esthetic but could save you a good amount of money. When the useful life of the HDPE is over, just fix a new one on the same plywood.
Tips by Sylvain Lejour - Chief Sales Officer